Thai Stretch Massage-Foundations B

Enhance your practice and embark on a journey that teaches an ancient form of healing that is effective and therapeutic for deep relief of muscle tension.


This class has been approved by MTANS for 13.5 CEU's


This course will be taught in the language of the majority of the class but translations will be provided upon request. The manual will be in the student's language of choice.


This course is open to anyone with previous massage experience and who is in good health. We designed the foundations to be interchangeale meaning you do not need to take TSM A before taking B.

Number of hours-28


In this foundations class, students will learn the foundations of Thai Stretch Massage.

This course focuses on the foundations of Thai massage such as breathing and rocking and includes sitting and side postures for those who have trouble lieing supine or prone.

Through demonstration and hands-on practice you'll learn a 90 minute flow. You'll be actively giving and receiving massages for the optimum first hand experience.

Having successfully completed the training, you'll be confident to perform a number of beneficial maneuvers in total security. As well, you will learn how to modify the flow according to the client's needs.

The TSM Foundations B manual is necessary for this course

For more information on Thai Stretch Massage, TSM click HERE

Instructor: Edgardo Beilin

Deposit:     $50 non-refundable final payment due on or before course date

Payable:    Cash, email transfer or credit card

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514-632-7455 or email

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