Thai oil massage on table

For those of you who want to expand your table techniques and love the idea of Thai Stretch Massage, but don't want to massage on the floor, this class is for you.

A Thai oil massage is based on the concepts of traditional Thai bodywork which is working, opening, and stimulating the Sen lines, also known as Energy lines.



This course will be taught in the language of the majority of the class but translations will be provided upon request. The manual will be in the student's language of choice.


This course is open to anyone with previous massage experience and who is in good health.

Number of hours-14


Enhance your practice by incorporating Thai oil techniques into your flow.  

In this class level 1 class students will learn a 60 minute Thai oil massage flow. We will also touch on a few essential oils and how they can be helpful in the relaxation process.

You'll be actively giving and receiving massages for the optimum first hand experience.

The Thai oil massage manual is necessary for this course

For more information on Thai oil massage click HERE

Instructor: Edgardo Beilin

Deposit:     $50 non-refundable final payment due on or before course date

Payable:    Cash, email transfer or credit card

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